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KidTribe kids at a Hoopapalooza assembly in California.

I founded KidTribe in 2001. What began as a freestyle dance party for kids grew into an international obesity prevention movement that's directly activated over 5,000,000 children in schools and communities throughout the US, UK and Canada. With our high-octane Hoopapalooza hula-hooping fitness roadshow and award winning videos, music and products, KidTribe creates an environment where being healthy is cool and sweaty smiles are guaranteed.


Mack & Moxy

The animated cast of Mack & Moxy, with Hank Azaria, Keegan-Michael Key, Rachael Ray & Simone Biles.

Adventure ensues when Mack & Moxy  fly to HelpeeLand and save a Great Helpee. I'm the co-creator, showrunner and voice director on this animated and live-action preschool series that aims to raise the next generation of humanitarians. Airing on PBS and Netflix, each episode features a different cause, partnering with the world's leading charities and starring celebrities who care.  Through humor, heart and music, children learn lessons of kindness, compassion and charity. 


Rocket Rules for Safety

Rocket the Safety Spokesdog and Dodgers' MVP Justin Turner talk about being safe in this PSA.

I oversee content development, strategic partnerships and program implementation strategies for this national campaign that teaches children life-saving safety skills. Vetted by experts in emergency management, law enforcement and FEMA, the Rocket Rules library consists of kid-friendly animated videos, bilingual books and standards-based lesson plans about Fires, Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes and even Public Violence safety.

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KidTribe's Hoopersize Fit-Kit box cover. Sold on Amazon.

Based on the popularity of KidTribe's hula-hoop program, this Parents' Choice winning kids' fitness kit was sold in stores nation-wide. Developed and designed by moi, it includes a patented Pro Hoop with 15 follow-along music videos that teach hip-hop-hula-hoop tricks, routines for all levels and hooptastic games that work out every body.  


NASA - Space School Musical

The Asteroids from NASA's hip-hopera "Space School Musical"

The Planetary Possee is in the house! Airing on NASA-TV, this Telly Award winning program literally put the "A" in STEAM Education. I produced, wrote, directed, choreographed this hip-hopera intended to perform and replicate, with a companion curriculum. Thousands of schools in the US, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa continue to implement the program. 

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Unjunk Yourself

Broadway star, Benny Elledge eats a greasy burger in the Unjunk Yourself music video.

The Unjunk Yourself music video series introduces young audiences to the importance of exercise and healthy nutrition. Filmed in Brooklyn and featuring Broadway star Benny Elledge, I  wrote, directed and produced this fun piece through a partnership with Dr. David Katz's Turn the Tide Foundation and Yale School of Medicine. 


Dr. Hoopy


Dr. Hoopy is a loopy character with a heart of gold and a zest for life. In between designing the perfect circle and inventing new hoop tricks in her Hoopratory, she makes kids laugh while demonstrating proper hooping technique and stating nutritional facts, like the hilarious differences between good sugar vs. bad sugar. 


Let's Move!


Warming up is super important and this follow-along routine gets kids moving.  The full-body warm-up includes an "I-can't-get-that-song-out-of-my-head" tune (sorry!) that leads the choreography. Filmed during magic hour with the LA skyline as the backdrop, this video has become a staple in PE classes throughout the US.

Move it

Drip Drop


In partnership with University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, this video series teaches about climate science and global warming through music, animation and puppetry. Including a hands-on, STEM-focused curriculum, it's a favorite among science teachers. Plus there's a rasta polar bear who raps, so that's cool.

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The Process


Shot on streets and rooftops of Downtown LA, this Matrix inspired music video uncovers the deceptive world of processed food and the corporations that profit from the sick, as part of the Unjunk Yourself series. No, this isn't science fiction. 

Obama White House Easter Egg Roll


KidTribe performed at the White House Easter Egg Roll for over 35,000 families each year throughout the Obama Administration. Headlining the Hop To It activity stage, this was in partnership with Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative.

Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play


Each year, Nickelodeon "goes dark" for a day, encouraging families to turn off the TV, go outside and play. Since 2006, KidTribe headlines the Hoopathon Party for 25,000 families in Brooklyn's Prospect Park for the best day ever.



TEDx Mindstream

In 2011, Kellee was invited to speak on childhood obesity for TEDx - "Shaping the Future."